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Crown of Light Diamond (R)

by Richard Armstrong on 05/28/12

The other day had an opportunity to appraise a ring with a Crown of Light (R) Diamond. I must confess that when I was first approached, I referred the lady to another gemologist as I did not feel competent to appraise it. However, I did some research on line, and after an exchange of several emails she brought the rint ot me for appraisal. Her husband bought the ring when they were on a cruise. She had shown it to several jewelers who told her she had been taken.

For those who are not familiar with the Crown of Light (R) diamond, it is a patented diamond cut sold only by Diamonds International (R). The COL diamond is characterized by having 90 facets, a high domed crown, and greater depth than the traditional ideal cut diamond. Of course I was skeptical, being trained to grade diamonds based on the GIA and AGS ideal cut propoprtions. But, when I saw this diamond, I was literally blown away. It was brilliant with lots of fire. And the design of the ring with 30 small side diamonds was exquisite.

The center diamond, a 0.34 ct. round COL, according to the sales document was an H-I color with VS1 clarity. My grading showed it to have H color and as far as clarity it appeared to be better than VS1. I could find nothing in the diamond even at 45X. This could have been because the setting may have blocked part of the light in the dark field lighting of my microscope. The setting did make it difficult to examine the diamond. I was able to get good measurements of the proportions of the diamond which enabled me to calculate an estimated weight using the calculators in Gem Tools Pro. GT Pro gave an estimated weight of 0.33 ct only one point less than the stated weight. I was very impressed with the quality of the cutting. the diamond was perfectly round. The polish and finish was excellent. This tells me that the cutters were very professional and tood great pains to create a perfect diamond.

When comparing the value with traditional diamonds I found it comparable. Because this was a branded diamond and only available from Diamonds International (R) I appraised it at the purchase price. The reason for this is that with insurance replacement value one can not go with the market. When there is only one source, that appraisal must be done using that source's price.

Why did the local jewelers tell this client she had been taken? I can only guess that either they were put out because she bought it on a cruise instead of giving them the sale, or they just don't know the COL diamond, or they evaluate it it based on recuttint to ideal proportions. If recut to ideal proportions the weight would be reduced to about 0.25 ct. with a significant decrease in value. Valuation of a patented diamond by using the value after recutting is the wrong approach. There is value in the Brand, it is unique, so recutting destroys the brand. If an appraiser is not willing to evaluate a patented diamond on its on merits, then he or she should not take on the job. Bottom line, is it beautiful? In the jewelry business it is all about the "Bling".

(added 8/23/2014)  If you are looking for a COL diamond appraiser, please use the Contact Form on the Contact Page of this web site. If you leave a comment to this blog post I have no way of getting back to you.

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1. Gary said on 7/27/12 - 04:09PM
Last year I bought my wife a Crown of Light diamond ring in St. Thomas. It has a 3 carat center diamond with 2 carats of diamonds surrounding it. It was quite costly, so we were extremely worried and had buyers remorse after reading so many negative comments about the C.O.L. on the Internet. We had trouble finding an independent appraiser locally so finally sent it to New York for appraisal. It appraised for 40% more than what we paid for it! Needless to say we are very pleased! We feel that people who are complaining about their C.O.L. diamonds, are doing so because they didn't take the time to find an appraiser who was willing to learn about the unique cut of the diamond. A few years ago we were robbed. Much to our dismay, when the appraiser for our insurance company contacted us to settle up, he told us that much of my wife's jewelry had been undervalued by our local certified appraiser. He knew her gold and diamond watch was highly undervalued just based on the brand, as were her Hearts on Fire pendant, earrings and ring. It is definitely important to find an appraiser who knows what they are doing, and is also willing to take the time to learn about something new.
2. Allison said on 8/20/12 - 10:00AM
My friend has a Crown of Light diamond and it is simply amazing. It is extremely brilliant in color, clarity and cut and whenever someone sees it they are blown away. It makes my diamond look like an unpolished rock.
3. Sharon said on 5/11/13 - 05:47PM
My COL is about the same size 3 carat center, with 2 carats surrounding. I also had buyers remorse since it was so costly. We could find no one here in FL who was qualified to appraise it, by their own admission, so I sent it to NY for appraisal. I was elated to find out that it was appraised for 45% more than what I paid for it. I also purchased several other pieces of jewelry, rubies, blue diamonds and more. Everything appraised for a minimum of 40% more than I paid for it. My only complaint, my jewelry insurance premium went up greatly! I receive many compliments every time I wear any of these pieces so I'm very satisfied.
4. Betty A. S. said on 9/23/13 - 11:00AM
Just got my engagement ring reset with a crown of light 39 pt diamond. Very pleased. Everyone who see it is impressed with the brilliance.
5. Claire Campbell said on 3/19/14 - 05:06PM
Trading a crown of light ring and a pendant worth 5200 dollars...paper work was incomplete and was not satiated D I is trading ny piece for a necklace with .68 carat ,colour g11 and clarity s11, Side stone .38... Please would you help me in this decision as they did not appraise the pendant ithis a fair deal.Or close to a fair deal .This diamond has not beenlaser.Thank you
6. Richard Armstrong said on 3/19/14 - 06:02PM
I'm sorry Claire but due to liability concerns I can not advise you on the trade without doing an appraisal of your jewelry and comparing that to the value of the item DI has proposed to exchange for it.
7. Donna Robertson said on 8/19/14 - 07:18AM
I just purchased a Crown of Light necklace. Pd. 4500.00 for it. Now after reading the reviews I am scared. Where do I go in Atlanta, Ga. for a appraisal?

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